Watersportvillage Earnewâld

Earnewâld is a village that is, obviously, a great choice for water sports. During your stay here, a boat trip is therefore an absolute must. The hotel offers various possibilities for doing so. You could, for instance, take a trip on a tour boat. This way, you can enjoy the gorgeous nature that Friesland has to offer from the water. It is also possible to rent a boat and discover the Frisian waters by yourself. You could, for instance, consider renting a sloop or a trowel. For the sailing fanatics amongst you, we can arrange a Valk, either with or without outboard motor. Luxury yachts are also available. You can always contact the reception of Hotel Princenhof for more information. During the high season, we highly recommend booking a couple of weeks in advance.
It is also worthwhile to explore the area on foot or by bike. Various biking- and walking routes have been set out in the area. Earnewâld also boasts a number of special sights and landmarks. For example, the stork outstation “Eibertshiem” is definitely worth a visit. Hotel Princenhof also offers rental bikes, however, if you prefer to bring your own bike, you are free to stall them in our covered and closed off garage.

National park “De Alde Feanen”

“De Alde Feanen” is an interconnected bog complex with a total area of about 2,500 hectares, of which well over 1,500 hectares are owned and managed by It Fryske Gea. The area predominantly consists of lakes, bog pools, reed beds, rough grazing, fringe communities, thickets and bog forest. There are also floating mats, peat moss reed beds, blue-grasslands and marsh-marigold hayfields. The types of landscapes last mentioned are very rare in the country of The Netherlands, and severely threatened in their survival. Bogs are widely considered to be some of the richest and most varied natural reserves of Northwest Europe.
The richness in plant and animal species is extremely large in this landscape, and the same holds true for “De Alde Feanen”. For example, there are well over 450 different plant species in “De Alde Feanen”. That is more than half of all the plant species in Friesland.

Visitor Centre National Park “De Alde Feanen”

Every person visiting the visitor centre will almost automatically be invited and encouraged to actually explore the nature area of “De Alde Feanen”, with all of its various landscape types.
There is plenty of information for adults, but children will also be able to experience the area through a number of quizzes, dioramas, touch exhibitions, as well as an interactive game. In this, not only the animals and plants, but also the history, recreational activities and management of the area will be discussed extensively.

Numerous activities and excursions for all ages are organized from the visitor centre.

Photo: It Fryske Gea

Friesch landbouwmuseum ‘By de Boer’ (“At the Farm”)

This museum displays the housing, working and living conditions of the farmer during various periods in history. The museum has a valuable and extensive collection of historical objects of the Frisian agricultural history.
Photo: Frisian agricultural museum ‘By de Boer’

It Kokelhûs fan Jan en Sjut (“The Rush House of Jan and Sjut”)

In the heart of the village, you can find the small, delightful museum “It Kokelhûs fan Jan en Sjut”. This house was built in 1777 by a bog owner and has been open to visitors since 1957 as an antiquity room. Up until 1955, Jan and Sjut van der Berg lived in this house. They owned a small grocery store, were milk vendors and have woven many Earnewâldster floor mats made of rushes. This also explains the name of the antiquity room: “kokel” was a type of rush. The walls of the front room are set with tiles. In that room are two box-beds as well, one with a crib. The room has been preserved in its original style and there are various old objects on display. The floor is covered with an Earnewâldster mat.
Photo: screenshot of www.kokelhus.nl


It Skûtsjemuseum

On a beautiful location near Earnewâld lies historic shipyard “De Stripe”. The purpose of the Skûtsjemuseum is to establish and maintain a historic shipyard where historical ships can be seen on shore and in the water. Both inside and outside the building, a number of ships typical of this region are on exhibition; including a “praam”, “skûtsje”, “visaak”, “wyldsjitter”, “sloepje”, “melkschouw”, and more.
There is a display of photos in the exhibition room, as well as a video showing – amongst others – recordings of old skûtsje skippers. The use of skûtsjes as a means of transport at the beginning of the last century has meant a great deal for the economy of Friesland. This aspect is beautifully displayed. A large number of activities will be demonstrated on-site, such as sail making, rope braiding, mast and sword making and forging iron. The life of a boatman and his family around the beginning of the century will be illustrated as well.
There is a complete programme for school groups or family days, including a wide range of activities on the terrain: walking on a boom, turf stacking, jib raising, knot tying, hauling and beaming. A skûtsje sail tour through the nature reserve “Het Princenhof” completes the experience of the Skûtsjemuseum.
Photo: It Skûtsjemuseum

Ooievaarsstation Eibertshiem

Storks in Earnewâld

Storks in Earnewâld
Earnewâld is the breeding place of choice for many storks. Therefore, you should not be surprised if you happen to come across one or two during a beautiful walking or biking tour through the area. The storks are flying around freely, sometimes even circling above Earnewâld.
Photo: Wikipedia

Galerie Koopmans

Gallery Koopmans

The permanent collection of the famous Frisian expressionist artist Klaas Koopmans and the versatile work of his son Gosse Koopman can be admired in this amazing gallery.
Photo: Gallery Koopmans

Meubelmakerij Wester

Furniture maker Wester

In this place, exclusive garden furniture and interior furniture are manufactured in an artisanal way and in a completely unique style. From design to execution, all in their own workshop.
Photo: Furniture Maker Wester